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Chlorine, Bromine and Shock

Types of Chlorine explained:
Stabilised Chlorine Granules: These need to be dissolved in water and added to your outdoor pool or hot tub every couple of days depending on use. This will keep your water clear and safe.

Stabilised Chlorine Tablets: As above but in tablet form. Use in a floating dispenser for a constant level of chlorine. Available in 20g for small pools/hot tubs, or 200g for larger swimming pools.

Shock Chlorine: This is not stabilised, ideal to raise the chlorine levels up high to kill off algae. Shock the pool every few weeks or after heavy use, and add a large dose if the water starts to go green.

Bromine and Non Chlorine Shock: An alternative to chlorine, use regularly and add non-chlorine shock in place of shock chlorine.