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Swimming Pool News and Tips

How To Replace A Swimming Pool Liner


Replacing a swimming pool liner isn't as complicated as it may first sound. The most important consideration is to get the correct liner - too small and the liner may not fit into the liner lock or will stretch too much and tear, too large and you'll have a baggy liner with creases, not pretty!

Once you have the correct size you'll need to empty out your pool, now is a good time to make sure all surfaces are OK and aren't showing signs of deterioration. 

At this point it's also a good idea to check your fittings - eg drain covers, lights, faceplates etc... as it's easier to replace these when the pool is empty. 

When you're ready to fit the liner, guide the beading at the top of the liner into the liner lock (which runs around the perimeter of the pool). You may need to adjust this as you're going along to ensure that any corners are in the correct place. Ensure that the liner is as close to the wall around the edges as possible - use your feet (shoes off!) to push the liner into place at the bottom and hold it in place using a shop vac between the pool wall and the liner. 

Next you can start filling the pool with water from your hose pipe. You'll need to stop at each fitting in order to cut it out using a sharp Stanley knife. Important - water is heavy and will shift and stretch and pull the liner into position, so do not cut fittings out until the water is at the correct level to hold the liner in place, or you may find you have a hole in the wrong area!

Enjoy! Swimming pools are wonderful for well being, exercise and general family fun, so make the most of yours while the weather is fine. 

You can buy replacement swimming pool liners here;


Please note that the tips above relate to beaded/linerlock liners and are for general guidance only, always refer to manufacturer's instructions.

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